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About us

"If clothes make a statement, accessories create an impact."  


I've always been fascinated to see how accessories complement and add color to one's daily wardrobe.  Whether it's an LBD (little black dress) accentuated by south sea pearls, to dressy tops and bottoms partnered with bangles and hip necklaces, to brooches that shout "style" on women's blazers or even bright scarves that gives a neutral suit that added flare --- accessories make a huge difference in enhancing one's image.

My love affair with accessories started more than 20 years ago and eventually, it turned into a successful export business.  Demand in the Philippines was monumental and many got involved in the bandwagon.  But what made us different was that we decided to be exceptional.  We chose to be unique, classy, striking, rare yet very wearable.  All our pieces had one thing in mind: the pleasure of wearing something that added confidence to oneself.

 And over the years, that passion has never faded.  Sometimes in life, when you're great at something, you always want to pay it forward and inspire others who may want to be involved in the industry or who happens to be just a fan of adding excitement in clothing to give it more sense.  Thus the birth of this website --- an avenue for accessory lovers of different kinds.  A mini-hub for those who get inspired by great pieces of art, small yet powerful.  An online community for others to share their passion, ideas, creativity and sweet successes.  A collaboration, to work with artisans and entrepreneurs with a mission to grow this field and take it to another level towards the future.

 Simply put, we're here to update, serve, create and make a difference in the fashion industry! 

So from shoes to bags, earrings and necklaces, bangles and wristwatches, rings and chains and all that jazz, come and drop by regularly to this site.  It's time to accessorize your life!